White Bear Lake reading

I’d say I had them rolling on the floor laughing–and they did laugh a lot when I read the two “mangled” fairy tales–but the floor action happened prior to the start of our reading. The White Bear Lake Public Library has a very nice community room with rolling chairs that are easy to set up (because they roll, of course!) Unfortunately, when one fellow went to sit in a chair, it rolled away from him and he landed on the floor. Nothing damaged, except perhaps his sense of decency.

Anyhow, I read “The Great Experiment” from the Kindle collection “Yes, More Break Time Stories!”, “Little Red Hoodie” from the paperback, “The First Gathering of The Break Time Stories”, and by request another “mangled” fairy tale, “Sinner Ella”, from the fifth Kindle book, “Yes, More Break Time Stories!” Three stories in exactly an hour, right on the button.

It was a good gathering, a decent turnout for a rainy night when football was on the TV and it was good to read to some old friends, a few of whom I’ve known for 50 years. I always appreciate anyone who takes the trouble to show up. My thanks to Therese Sonnek and the White Bear Lake Library staff, as well as the Ramsey County Library Board for bringing me into their facility to read.

The rest of this week finds me with a piano lesson, the River Road Ramble at the Wolf Creek church, winterizing the fifth wheel and mowing grass at the cabin, writing another series of 13 ads for a client of 30+ years and somewhere in all that making time for our elder son, Aaron, who flies in from Portugal and who is supposed to have a music gig in North Carolina. With the flooding from Hurricane Florence, I’m guessing that event will be cancelled.