getting together

Our son Aaron is in town from Portugal so daughter Alice flew in from Cincinnati to visit with him and daughter Hannah joined us for a meal last night here at home. I’ve not laughed so hard in months! Marina made her usual great stew and we had a grand time together.

Alice flitted home this morning, Hannah is up to her usual over-committedness and Aaron is doing client work. I’m trying to clear the deck in the office so I can begin work on stuff needed for Charge Conference, which is the annual meeting that will be coming up for Wolf Creek United Methodist Church. Tonight I’ll listen to myself reading another story on WPCA-FM, which streams it online for people like myself who are out of broadcast range. I’ll listen and I’m sure it will re-confirm that I sound like a geezer. Nevertheless, being able to have a story broadcast each month until I run out my stories to read is a privilege most authors never get!