About Mark Hayes Peacock

Mark Hayes Peacock’s work first appeared in print in the Junior Journal, a publication written by and for teenagers. He followed that up as sports editor of his LeConte Junior High School newspaper and, later, in a University of Southern California Graduate School/Haynes Foundation internship he produced and edited a weekly publication for Town Hall.

Peacock published his first national magazine article in 1971. That was followed by a 40 year freelance career that saw cover stories, articles, contributing editorships and monthly columns in national, regional and local magazines and newspapers. Today, he writes a national advertising ad series for a client of more than 30 years. Until recently, Mark was the sole–and last– Wisconsin freelance writer regularly published by the St.Paul Pioneer Press.

In addition to his six Kindle collections of short stories (Four Break Time Stories, More Break Time Stories, Yet More Break Time Stories, Four More Break Time Stories, Yes, More Break Time Stories! Another Four Break Time Stories) and the paperback compilation of the first three story collections (The First Gathering of The Break Time Stories), Mark’s fiction also has been published in Minnesota Ink and in Soundings. The First Gathering is available via Amazon.com books for $15.00. His second paperback, The Second Gathering of The Break Time Stories, includes stories from Yes, More Break Time Stories! and Four More Break Time Stories and is available for $10 through Amazon.com.and Barnes & Noble Booksellers.  The ebook collection of the “mangled” fairy tales is available from Kindle for $2.99 while the paperback edition is available from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble Booksellers for $10. In Polk County, Wisconsin, the Mangled Fairy Tales can be found at Polk County’s Information Center, St.Croix Regional Medical Center pharmacy/gift shops, at Amery’s Pure & Simple and Bowman Collective in downtown Amery. Bowman has all four paperback books availableYour local bookstore also may carry the fairy tale collection. Mark’s latest paperback,  Six Short Stories was recommended as well written and very good summer reading by Mary Ann Grossman, book editor and critic for the St.Paul Pioneer Press. Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble both carry it for $12.

Mark Hayes Peacock is a semi-retired pastor and chaplain, the husband of a retired mental health therapist in private practice, and the father of six creative and successful children. Born and raised in Hollywood, California, Mark now lives and writes in Luck, Wisconsin.

Mark’s photo credit: Suzanne Lindgren, The Osceola Sun (August 2015)