Short Stories

Mark has published eight short story collections on Amazon Kindle. The first, Four Break Time Stories, was published in 2015, followed by More Break Time Stories in 2016 and then Yet More Break Time Stories in 2017. A fourth short story collection, Four More Break Time Stories came out in November,  2017. Yes, More Break Time Stories!”published in 2018 was followed by Another Four Break Time Stories published in December, 2019. A collection of the “mangled” fairy tales, Some Mangled Fairy Tales, was published in July, 2020, both in Kindle and as a paperback collection. The paperback, Six Short Stories was published in 2023 and was recommended by the St.Paul Pioneer Press as very good summertime reading.

The idea behind a break time story came from Mark’s experience seeing his colleagues reading on their Kindles during their breaks. How about a short story that could be read in its entirety while on break and still get back to work on time?

The first three short story collections (thirteen stories) have been pulled together in a paperback called The First Gathering of The Break Time Stories. It is available through Another eight stories have been published in paperback, The Second Gathering of The Break Time Stories, available through and Barnes & Noble Booksellers. The fourth story in each book is a “mangled” fairy tale that readers tell me they enjoy very much. Those fairy tales now have been gathered into their own collection, Some Mangled Fairy Tales. You’ll find Some Mangled Fairy Tales available at the Polk County Information Center,  St.Croix Regional Medical Center’s (now St.Croix Health) gift shops/pharmacies, Amery’s Bowman Collective, Luck’s Kenneth Larson and Pure and Simple on Highway 8 just up the hill from the Highway 8/Amery 46 roundabout.

All of my short stories are available through, including the four paperbacks. Barnes and Noble Booksellers carries Six Short Stories, Some Mangled Fairy Tales, and The First and Second Gatherings of The Break Time Stories.