The First Gathering Of The Break Time Stories

“The First Gathering of The Break Time Stories” is a print book collection of my first three ebook short story collections. The book includes “Four Break Time Stories”, published in 2015; “More Break Time Stories”, published in 2016; and “Yet More Break Time Stories”, published in 2017. “The First Gathering” is available through

Right now (May 11th, 2017) I’m working on the next short story series, beginning with “The Eye of the Beholder”, portions of which were read in Amery, Wisconsin at the Northern Lakes Center for the Arts.

Since the above was posted, “The Eye of the Beholder” and three additional stories (including another “mangled”fairy tale, “Jack and the Bean Sprouts”) can be found on Amazon Kindle. This story collection is entitled “Four More Break Time Stories”.

And since that last paragraph I’ve written A Cabbie’s Sunday Morning Soap Opera, The Great Experiment,  a “mangled” fairy tale called Sinner Ella, and Shall We Dance? a tale of a flamenco troupe’s backstage dynamics Hola!-another Kindle story collection goes online!

Those last stories are included in the second paperback collection of short stories, “The Second Gathering Of The Break Time Stories”. It’s available through Another four stories are on Kindle: “At Midnight’s Stroke” deals with the casting couch and its consequences; “I Loved That Bike” lays out a man’s obsession and its consequences; “Lost Wax” tells of a famed sculptor and his struggles; while “Snow Job and The Four Dwarfs” is the “mangled” fairy tale.