a superior time

Marina and I just returned from several days on Lake Superior. We set out to visit friends in Duluth and operated out of the Two Harbors campground. We took our fifth wheel and both Seeing Eye dogs (Andy, the working dog and Gretel, the retired dog). Per usual, there just wasn’t quite enough time to cram in all we’d planned, but we had a fine lunch with Judy Breuer, a podcaster and friend to both my short stories and the visually handicapped, at a new place in downtown Duluth, Lyric, located in the lower level of the Holiday Inn Center on Superior Street. The lunch was very good and so was the catching-up. Our old rig worked fine, with the exception of the refrigerator when we started the trip but that got to working as we went. I’d tried to get it going on gas but a flash of flame and billowing smoke quickly ended that idea. I stuck with electric after that.


There was road construction on Wisconsin Highway 35 around Moose Junction; other than that we found little heavy traffic. We left the rain behind at our cabin on Bone Lake. Returning last night, we saw that Dennis had the first floor framed up and was ready to start the bedroom level of our addition. Nice going! And, per usual, we got home to Osceola and found we’d left behind several items that should have come with us. I’ll retrieve them tomorrow after church service.


It was good to get the fifth wheel on the road again. It’s just the right size for our needs. My only concern is the tow vehicle and when it will need replacing.

Tomorrow night is my story reading at the library in White Bear Lake. I’m hoping for a good turnout.