Another Four Break Time Stories

The mangled fairy tale in this collection of four stories is called “Snow Job and the Four Dwarfs”. It’s joined by “I Loved That Bike!” a story dealing with one man’s obsession and its consequences; Lost Wax”, a story about an American sculptor; and “At Midnight’s Stroke”, a tale of Hollywood, casting couches, and their consequences.

This collection is my most recent, just published in the waning hours of 2019. It’s available on Amazon Kindle. It’s also available in print; I’ve included the stories in Six Short Stories, a paperback recommended as well written and very good summer reading by Mary Ann Grossman, book editor and critic for the St.Paul Pioneer Press in the July 13, 2023 edition. Six Short Stories is available for $12 from and Barnes & Noble Booksellers, as well as internationally.