You’ve found the site for author Mark Hayes Peacock, whose short stories have been published on Amazon Kindle, in Soundings and Minnesota Ink. The first three of his six Kindle short story collections are combined in a print book, The First Gathering of The Break Time Stories. The paperback is available through Amazon.com. Another eight stories are available in his second paperback, The Second Gathering of The Break Time Stories, also available through Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble Booksellers. The six “mangled” fairy tales have been collected in both a paperback edition and as a Kindle ebook under the title, Some Mangled Fairy Tales. A fourth paperback, Six Short Stories, was published in February, 2023 and was recommended for very good summer reading by the St.Paul Pioneer Press.  It  includes  four stories that are found now in his  Kindle e-book, Another Four Break Time Stories. Six Short Stories is available through Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble Booksellers. Some of the paperbacks are available through booksellers overseas.

In addition to Mark’s stories being available through Amazon.co, you can find them at Osceola’s “Coming Home” shop, the St.Croix Regional Medical Center’s gift shop,Barnes & Noble online and retail stores, Amery’s Pure & Simple store, and at the Polk County Information Center.

WPCA-FM broadcasts Peacock’s readings of his stories on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. (CST). The broadcasts are streamed online. Go to wpcaradio.org and the website will take you from there.

May you enjoy rummaging around here!

And if you want to connect, try mhpeacock@lakeland.ws

Mark’s photo: Suzanne Lindgren, The Osceola Sun.