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It has been a week, a very busy one, since my last post. Sunday saw the donation of a large painting by Thomas Graham of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel depiction of God’s finger touching Adam as part of God’s creation actions. Graham’s family donated the large painting to Wolf Creek United Methodist Church. He plans to be buried in the cemetery next door to the church.

The congregation also had a cake for Marina and me to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. Later in the day we headed to Mango’s, Osceola’s new restaurant where I’d made lunch reservations. When we arrived, it was closed. It turns out they’ve decided to be closed on Sundays. With all the tourists in town on weekends, that may not be the best idea. Anyhow, Marina has been there and loved their fish tacos. The place does seem to be off to a rough start. We then walked down a block to Watershed, which was packed and was ┬áserving only breakfast and out of many items. Also, they closed at 2 and by the time we were there it was 1:40. How far up the line should we go? Dallas House? Our Place? Further? Tangled In Blue was closed, so we settled for Tippy Canoes, where we had the best experience I’ve had there–a very good lunch. Later in the afternoon daughter Britta and husband Mark showed up with a batch of vegetables from their very serious garden. What a treat! Overall, it was a nice and easy day and a low-key but good celebration of a good decision Marina and I both made.

Construction is moving along at the cabin with foundation blocks laid now and piles of dirt everywhere. Framing should be coming soon!