construction begun!

Marina and I have begun the process of adding a second main floor bedroom to our Bone Lake cabin. We figure it will give us options for the future when I can’t run as hard as I can right now. Given the human lifespan, that will happen eventually. One possibility: we rent our town home and move to the cabin, which now will be a two bedroom house. Another possibility: we sell the cabin and remain in Osceola in our town home. It’s easier to sell a two bedroom home than one with a single bedroom–and paltry closet space. Dennis Hall is doing the construction. He owns Milltown Hardware and did good work for me 32 years ago, 27 years ago and about 25 years ago. Together, we can figure out all that will come up. Marina and I drove to Eagan today to an outlet business that our son John did website work for some time ago. We got new windows for a good price. It poured rain on the way into town but nothing on the way back, which was good because the windows were riding in the open truck bed with no moisture protection. (One window is a bump-out, a garden window actually, and it rode upright.) Tomorrow I’ll take the windows to the cabin and unload them into a protected area and maybe even get to mowing the grass if it’s not too wet.

I’ve been doing invitations for my White Bear Lake Library reading and I hope that will bring a good turnout for the event. Writer’s readings don’t tend to draw a crowd, but I’ve been fortunate thus far with more people showing up than the librarians anticipated. I’d like that to continue and to grow. I’d also like to have the next paperback in hand for that September 17th reading, so I’d best get about the work of moving Kindle collections 4 and 5 to print format. That has been a real pain in the past with results I’m not completely happy about, but this time I hope the eventual product will be perfect!

Oh, BTW, this Sunday marks our 50th Anniversary. It’s blown right by our kids, but that’s OK; we’ll celebrate it quietly with an informal lunch–just the two of us. That’s fine with me!