Coming reading — and more

Another preaching date has been added to my schedule, this one a return to St.Peter’s Lutheran congregation in Luck, Wisconsin. Today’s Osceola Sun has an article about my coming story reading at the St.Croix Falls Public Library. I’m grateful to the Sun’s editor, Suzanne Lindgren, for her consistent and generosity coverage me. I knew Suzie first as a teen age member of the St.Croix Falls United Methodist congregation I pastored. My first year there (I think it was) she was named Homecoming Queen and she’s done a nice job as the Sun’s editor. The sheer amount of news she manages to produce each week says she works very hard and on top of that she’s the mother of a small child. Kudos to Suzie!


My baby brother Greg and his wife, Bunny (aka Doctor Bunny) have been in town the past 24 hours. We “caught up” until late last night, but you know, when you get to be my age, it’s possible you’ll never see each other again. That’s a reality for anyone at any age, of course, but when you get older it’s something you think about when you’ve not seen someone in awhile. We had a nice family lunch today at the Watershed Cafe here in Osceola. I think everyone enjoyed our time together.