Reading at St.Croix Falls Public Library

Instead of “It was a dark and stormy night” it was a warm and muggy night in St.Croix Falls last night. My thanks to Librarian Sarah Adams for arranging this reading. We had a good turnout, perhaps 17 people, which is good for author readings around this area. I sold books, too. The first fellow who showed up told me that if I were to run against Rep. Adam Jarchow I’d have lots of support in this area. No interest on my part, although I’d like to see Jarchow thrown out. But the people who did show up are some of the people here I like most.


I read “I’ll Cook For You” and “Hansel and Gertie”. The readings went well and I’m grateful for the opportunity. “Hansel” got plenty of laughs, too. There was some discussion of doing a reading for Festival Theatre as a fund raiser for the theatre. Stay tuned.