Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

At least that was the old saying. But around here we were wondering if it ever might come true. Until today’s rain, it has been dry, very dry, too dry, and hot as well and we all thought we might well join the parts of the country that are in a drought situation. But today came the rain, not a great downpour, but steady and gentle. It was just what we needed.

Last week I had a conversation with St.Croix Festival Theater’s prexy, Meg Luhrs, who expressed the theater’s interest in having me read my stories again as a fund raiser for the theater. When that gets scheduled, and it will be when we can get more people into the building without social distanced spacing (a full house = more money raised), it will be my third such venture with them. I’m anticipating that LaMoine MacLaughlin and his poetry will join me to offer a different voice than mine for the evening.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, so to speak, Wolf Creek United Methodist Church meets now without masks and spaced as people feel comfortable. We’re not a huge crowd in any event but we do pick up another 5-17 people on YouTube views and perhaps at some time we will see some of those viewers in person at our beautiful downtown Wolf Creek location.

It has been hot and –finally–the pontoon left the dock last weekend for the first time on July 3rd. Back when we had the Dilly, it always seemed that we got the boat in the water around July 4th. But, then, we were almost the last boat to be pulled at the end of the season, so we could be out when the St.Croix River was much less crowded. I remember cruising once in a snow storm. White snow flakes drifting down on the river’s dark water was beautiful; we were inside Dilly’s roomy cabin and cozy. We’ve also been swimming in the lake. Talk about refreshing after a hot day of physical work!

My books now are available at the St.Croix Regional Medical Center Gift Shop and at the Polk County Information Center. Last night’s WPCA-FM monthly broadcast of my stories featured “Snow Job and the Four Dwarfs”. It’s probably my favorite of the mangled fairy tales, mostly because it has lots of gag lines and laugh opportunities. When I read it at Osceola a few months ago, one lady apologized for “giggling all the way through the story” because she thought her giggling was disruptive. Truth was, she wasn’t giggling alone. “Little Red Hoodie” is another fairy tale filled with many laugh opportunities. WPCA’s broadcasts are streamed online (