Easter Sunday was chilly

Dresser’s outdoor thermometer read “0” degrees when I drove through this morning enroute to Wolf Creek United Methodist Church. It wasn’t much warmer in the church building when I arrived: the furnace was not working. We joked about going Pentecostal and doing church aerobics. During the service Neil, whose business is furnaces, was at work in the basement. (At the service’s end, I took Holy Communion down to him.) I preached on Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth and I can’t say it was the best Easter message I’ve ever preached. (Sorry, Lord!) Young Josh read scriptures and showed a nice presence for someone who might be 10, 11 or 12 years old. We were about 3/4 full; some of the regulars were with family but then we had family with some of our people, too. Next week is their meeting with the District Superintendent to formally disassociate from the Upper St.Croix Parish (Central [Grantsburg] Atlas and St.Croix Falls). They may hear, also, who their next pastor will be. I have a hunch I know who that is.

Next week I’m at Taylors Falls United Methodist Church, which means I’d better get cracking on some sermon preparation if I want to deliver something better than I did this morning.

Later in April I’ll be reading “Shall We Dance?”, the re-named flamenco story, for the writers’ group at Amery’s Northern Lakes Center for the Arts. And in May they’ll hear “Sinner Ella”, the latest “mangled” fairy tale.

Marina and I are looking at adding a second bedroom to the main floor of our Bone Lake cabin. That also means a covered screen porch and a new deck. Will we move there someday? We shall see how the future unfolds.