Another good time at StPeter’s Lutheran Church

The warmth of this congregation made up for the lack of heat this morning in the sanctuary of St.Peter’s Lutheran Church in Luck. Their furnace was not operating but the congregation bravely huddled upstairs in the sanctuary for our service and Holy Communion.

I like this bunch. It’s a small group, but the building does not seat a great number of people in the first place. Perhaps this is a case of the physical facility limiting the size of the congregation. (When you hit 80% capacity, people feel too close to one another and attendance tends to fall off.)

Anyway, I enjoy being with this bunch and perhaps we can meet together again. I think this is the fourth time I’ve done services there. One poor kid got a Communion wafer from me and had not had his First Communion yet. He wasn’t sure quite what to do with the wafer. My bad; I can always learn and one thing I can learn is to ask first. My tradition(s) are that everyone can receive; it’s up to the parents to explain the meaning of what takes place in the service.