Mercury Broadcast Interview with Dr. Bunny Vreeland

I just finished listening to a taped broadcast with Dr. Bunny Vreeland on Mercury Broadcast, an internet radio station. (Full disclosure: Bunny is my sister-in-law). Although my wife, Marina said my voice sounded good, as a guy who’s done radio and stage work, I thought I sound like a geezer these days. Anyhow, we had 17 minutes for me to ramble. The truth is, though, that Bunny gave me good lead-ins so that we could cover a variety of subjects in a fairly brief time and still be able to plug “The First Gathering” book.


Mercury Broadcast has a nice audience that is growing, so I appreciate Bunny’s generosity in giving me the time to share. She interviews a variety of people with expertise in a broad ¬†array of subjects. By profession, or at least one of her professions, she is a hypnotherapist, hence the “Doctor” by her name. She operates out of Oxnard, California with her office and school located in Camarillo, California.


As an aside, I’ve had more conversations with both the White Bear Arts Center and the St.Croix Festival Theatre for possible book readings. We shall see if something comes of the latter (it would be a fundraiser for them) and a date is all that needs be done for the Arts Center.