Two good sundays

I was at St.Peter’s Lutheran Church again today and things went very well. I feel among friends. Elder son, Aaron, left yesterday for Oregon, where he plays today at a very large festival celebrating the eclipse. He–as “Ocelot”–is among the advertised music people there especially for dance. Aaron and his wife, Berta, were here with us for two days before he had another festival up near Ashland, Wisconsin. They are back next weekend and the plan is to have a family get-together at daughter Britta’s in Wyoming, Minnesota. Aaron and Berta return to Portugal on Labor Day. It has been good to see them and to spend time with them.

This coming week is an easier week than the past several weeks have been. We head toward our 49th wedding anniversary next weekend–almost impossible to believe that durability, considering the number of people who were betting against our success years ago, as well as the times we thought we had hit the end of the road. Still, convincing Marina to join her life with mine was the best decision I’ve ever made. (Not that she needed much convincing.) Thanks be to God!