Meet Kenneth Larson

Kenneth Larson, “Purveyors of Fine Merchandise” now handles my books. Kenneth is a superb craftsman, so good that I hesitate to call him by his first name but feel compelled out of respect to call him “Mr. Larson”. His shop in downtown Luck is a feast for the eyeballs. Look up and you find ancient tapestries. Look around and you find wood and leather goods, unusual knives of high quality, hats, jewelry, and apparel. He has bags made from various materials and interesting collections of coins. There are books in addition to my own and of special note are STEM toys and puzzles, perfect for those who want to stimulate a kid’s brain. Pay special attention to Mr. Larson’s signature furniture, including a custom crafted boat table topped by a massive slab of glass. That item won’t be in the shop for long; the owner will pick it up when we’ve thawed out enough for him to flee his warm Winter lair.

I am honored to have Kenneth Larson feature my books. In Polk County he joins Amery’s Bowman Collective, the Polk County Information Center, Pure & Simple, and the pharmacy/gift shops of St.Croix Health as places you can find my four paperbacks–or you can mug me on the street.