Update on future readings

The two proposed February story readings have been finalized. February starts off with a “mangled” fairy tale reading for the Osceola Seniors at Noon on Wednesday, February 7th in the Osceola Senior Center. The group has asked me back several times and enjoys laughter, so the fairy tales always are a hit. One woman apologized for giggling throughout Snow Job and The Four Dwarfs; “I just couldn’t help it,” she said. Naturally, I loved that comment.

I’m at the Amery Area Public Library on Thursday, February 22nd at 6 p.m. This will be my first time reading there, although my story readings have been featured monthly on Amery’s WPCA-FM for several years now and I’ve read my stories often at Amery’s former Northern Lakes Center for the Arts. The Library’s Trevor Richards strikes me as a man who knows how to put events like mine together, so I anticipate good things.

Last Sunday, following our usual Wolf Creek service, I filled in at Taylors Falls United Methodist Church. The church building is the oldest Methodist building of worship still in use with a congregation and I am warmly received, as has always been the case. I am grateful to the congregation for asking me to conduct its service yet again.