Look For An Amery Library Reading In February

The Amery Area Public Library’s Trevor Richards is working to arrange a February date for me to share two of my short stories. Stay tuned; I’ll let you know when we have a date set. The time probably will be 6:30 p.m.–not too late and not too early.

Also, rumor has it that I’ll be reading at the Osceola Senior Citizens February meeting. That’s the first Wednesday of the month, February 7th, 2024. It’s a 12 Noon potluck and the food at these events is good. We’ll see how well I read on a full stomach!

We had a dead elm tree taken down a few weeks ago. I had the pros at New Richmond Tree do the job. That way there was no way for the tree to hit the house. It had to go into a restricted space and doing that was beyond my capabilities. However, I can cut up the logs and split them, which is what I’ve spent some of this week doing. Fortunately for that kind of work, it has been dry and warm. I’m hoping to complete that job before snow really decides to descend. What a different Winter this has been! Here we are at the end of December and Bone Lake isn’t frozen over.