The Bike Is Nice

Last night’s WPCA-FM story broadcast was I Loved That Bike!, a tale about a guy’s love for two women and a motorcycle and how he ended up in a coma. The story was written a couple of years before my brother, Guy, ended up in a coma from a horrific car accident almost eleven months ago out in California. Irony. It is a good story and– modesty aside– it was read well. You can find I Loved That Bike! in the paperback Six Short Stories and online in the Another Four Break Time Stories collection. The paperbacks are available through and Barnes and Noble Booksellers.

Family-wise, the college crowd is sliding inexorably toward classes resuming the end of this month, while the school-age bunch looks forward to football practice coming soon and the end to summer canoe and backpacking treks, as well as free time for art. Me? I have some time to devote to catching up on needed stuff (like painting window trim at our ┬áLuck property and digging out the many volunteer trees here at home) because Marina’s bum knee has been told to rest from swimming regularly at the Osceola pool. I’ve had an unexpected series of medical center visits for the pain in my side. A CT scan resulted in discovery of a rare inflammation in the lining of my abdominal wall. I’m not going to say more about it; I’ve always declared that I would not be one of those geezers who gives people an “organ recital” when asked “How are you?” Amid all this, our pontoon boat down at the lake suffers from neglect.

At Wolf Creek UMC, attendance is up consistently. That’s gratifying. Our new District Superintendent, Peace Kim, is proving to be the Servant Leader he hopes to be. We have good musicians consistently providing the music help we need during our services and we are blessed by having several members of the congregation that can take over a service in my absence.

I am scheduled to connect with the St.Croix Falls Public Library later this month to arrange a date for story reading, probably some time in September or early October.