A Shoutout

I thought I’d give some attention to local outlets that are handling my books. The first one on board was the Polk County Information Center, which since its inception hosts an annual 25,000 visitors who check in to see how to spend their time and money in Polk County. Colleen and her staff do a very nice job; just listen in sometime as they greet and help people who come through the doors.

Jackie is who’s left of the volunteers who manned the stand-alone gift shop at St.Croix Regional Medical Center, now re-named St.Croix Health. The gift shop has been moved to the pharmacies at each of the Clinics and the Medical Center in St.Croix Falls. The original thought was that people experiencing a hospital stay and their friends/families might get a lift out of reading Some Mangled Fairy Tales. That’s still a good idea.

Jane Mackie owns the Coming Home shop in downtown Osceola. She has created a bright, eye-candy store with a variety of women’ clothing items, some craft pieces–and my fairy tale books. It’s one of those places that delights your senses the moment you enter the door. I’ve experienced Jane as an encourager, which befits a former teacher.

New to retailing my books is Pure and Simple. Located on Highway 8 just east of the roundabout to Amery, Pure and Simple features good food and an eclectic array of things to whet the pocketbook. Wild rice? Got it! Organic flours and special products? Got them! Humorous signs and local crafts? Got them! Mark’s fairy tales? Got ’em now!

All four of my paperback books are available through Amazon.com. The Second Gathering  of The Break Time stories, Some Mangled Fairy Tales, and Six Short Stories are available through Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble Booksellers.