Always on Sunday

“Never On Sunday” just doesn’t apply. During the month of May I’m helping out Taylors Falls United Methodist Church. Services there are at 10 a.m. so I can zip out of Wolf Creek after the service there and get to Taylors Falls in time. Good old “Doctor Bill” is of great help; he gets the earpiece of the mike to fit my ear, which always seems to be a struggle. Taylors Falls always treats me well and I enjoy the congregation in that historic church building.

Tonight’s WPCA-FM’s “Adult Story Time” reading was “I Loved That Bike!”. Since we recorded that story, it has been published as one of four e-book stories available through Amazon Kindle. That book is called  “Another Four Break Time Stories” and, as with the rest of the books I’ve published, the final and fourth story is a mangled fairy tale: “Snow Job And The Four Dwarfs”.

This is a medical month. Marina gets her second COVID vaccine (I had my second jab last month), I have hernia surgery next week and that puts significant lifting on hold for about six weeks, Marina has her new cochlear implant adjusted and an ultrasound for something else, and. . . . What else? Meanwhile, I’m feeling pressured by the work still needed at the Luck house before we can bring in a tenant, downed trees still awaiting cutting and splitting so the wood can dry for next Winter’s wood stove season, shaping up the front yard after having septic tank work done, an interment of a very nice guy, an appointment with a dermatologist because this California kid got lots of sun there growing up–you get the idea. I need to chill a bit and just let life happen this month. Maybe it would be good to listen to some of the counsel I give in my sermons.