It’s A Marathon

So, here we are, months into the pandemic, and some people still don’t believe it’s real. At this writing, I know 11 people who’ve contracted the virus. One of them died and three have been very, very sick, with one of those complaining last week that she has been trying to recuperate for almost 6 weeks now. So, the Wolf Creek United Methodist Church has been back to Zoom services that anyone can access via YouTube or Facebook. Since our customary service is Sunday mornings at 8:15 a.m., people who prefer to sleep in can join us virtually at any time.

Last night I took a break and listened to the story broadcast on WPCA-FM. The story (I never know ahead of time which one they will broadcast) turned out to be “A Cabbie’s Sunday Morning Soap Opera” and I have to say that it’s an effective tale, with three stories packaged inside one story. Fellow writers who’ve read it thought that was more than clever. And speaking of writing, I am enjoying Lois Joy Hofmann’s table-top books of the world circumnavigation she and her husband, Gunter, did several years ago. The three volumes each have won the top prize in the travel category in the San Diego writers competition, and deservedly so. Her photography is very good, her writing more than nicely descriptive, and she’s not afraid to be candid about her crew’s personal relationships and about God and the awesomeness of God’s creation. I’m enjoying my breaks with these books very much. Hofmanns have a cabin on White Ash Lake near here where they spend their summers.

Our Thanksgiving was quiet–just the two of us–but with the customary Thanksgiving fare, which has meant plenty of leftovers. I don’t mind that one bit!

Just got an email with the next series of national newspaper ads for a client I’ve had for more than 30 years. Maybe that says something about something; what do you think?