As it turned out, I ended up doing services at three churches two weeks in a row. The first week–to help out the Upper St.Croix Parish until their pastor can get into place–turned out to be a repeat for another week.The first week I did Wolf Creek, the congregation I pastor, and the Atlas UMC and St.Croix Falls. Last weekend it was Wolf Creek, Grantsburg Central UMC, and Atlas. Things will get back to normal, or at least I think they will.

A tour of neighboring areas close by shows me how fortunate we were with the high winds and tornado damage. We lost trees and still have some that need attention. My chainsaw can handle most of it. Down at the lake the dock needs help but Bernizer is supposed to come this week to give me the helping hand I need to heft dock sections that need repair.

And there are projects: a box to help a chimney sweep access the chimney; another box to protect the batteries that will live outside in Winter; a signal booster to install so I can use my cellphone in the office; an outdoor light for the downstairs door; mounting the outdoors thermometer; moving Marina’s rhubarb; replacing the TV antenna broker by the wind blast; and ongoing tree cutting and stacking and splitting the resulting logs. I need to gather the hazardous chemicals I need to take to recycling next week and that means I’ll be sorting through and cleaning out/organizing the small shed that’s jammed full. I’ve not written a thing in weeks but there is a story begun in my head that begs to get itself on paper.