Festival and Amery Classic

A week ago I had the pleasure of reading a short story (“Snow Job and the Four Dwarfs”) as a fundraiser for the Amery Arts Alliance to help its quest to purchase Amery’s Classic Theatre and fix its roof. I was joined by poet LaMoine MacLaughlin, adventurer Lois Joy Hofmann, celebrity chef and columnist Peter Kwong, pastor Randy Dean and educator-historian Dan Girtz. The turnout was disappointingly small, at least in terms of the money raised by the ticket purchases of the people attending (there may have been unknown contributions) but the readings were mostly good. Just about every writer spent time describing his/her background, which I found a bit odd.

Last night I read three stories as a fund raiser for St.Croix Festival Theatre. I was joined by poet LaMoine MacLaughlin, who did his usual good job of making poetry understandable and entertaining. This was a return event; we read for Festival last year. Turnout was a bit less than last year, perhaps half full, and I knew many of those attending. I wish there were more time to visit with each person who comes to those events. I enjoy doing readings (Marina calls them my one man shows) and why not? I can put drama into my own words. The trick it to read stories that are not too long and I barely succeed at that.

Next up is next weekend speaking in Cushing, Wisconsin at the Old Settlers picnic. I’ll talk about growing up in Hollywood and what this City Slicker learned by living in our rural area for 30+ years.