Balsam Lake Public Library reading

Hey, the soup was good and so was the company. We didn’t have a huge turnout but as I tell people, “Sometimes we go for quality!” The reading went well and the group was attentive, laughing in all the right places and nodding when appropriate.

Since I wrote last, things have been overwhelmingly busy. I have managed just two stories since July 1st when I began preaching regularly each Sunday at Wolf Creek UMC. That’s less than my usual story production the past several years. This Saturday is the Open House for the new civic building in Osceola. I’ll be there as president of the Osceola Seniors. The details of getting the Center going and of trying to move the group from a monthly potluck meeting group to a group that operates/schedules/uses daily a designated space, well that has taken up some of my time. In addition, we have construction going at our Bone Lake cabin and I’m always feeling I should be there more often to check on how things are going. Additional hours at the nursing home also have pushed at me and there have been family issues, such as a daughter-in-law losing her mother suddenly that have taken some time, attention and prayer. I’m also running a Bible Study at Wolf Creek on Wednesday nights; that takes prep time.

No complaining here and I’m thankful that God has made me strong. Life’s realities, however, dictate that I can keep this pace only so long. I have 1 1/2 years left of my Seniors term and that will end. Maybe someone young will move into our townhouse and I can offload my treasurer/secretary duties. Or I may be “riffed” by the new nursing home owners. Or Wolf Creek UMC may die, despite our best efforts. Or God may simply say, “Enough!” and I’d better obey. Meanwhile, I’m staying tuned.