two in one

Today saw me at Holy Trinity United Methodist Church. It’s just outside Balsam Lake but has a Centuria address. The congregation added a new sanctuary almost two years ago and it is a nice space. Today was my first time in it. Once we got the sound system figured out, it was clear sailing. I knew many people there–more up in Frederic later–and I was well received. They had a good turnout and the congregation was very responsive. They also have a choir, something not every church can boast about. My message went very well, better I think than at St.Luke’s in Frederic.

The later service was at St.Luke’s, Frederic. Today’s turnout was small but the congregation is smaller than it used to be. No kids (there was one child and a teenager at Holy Trinity). Kordi Kurkowski used her guitar and voice to lead the music since their pianist was ill. I seem to do better with a full house. In addition, most of the people sat in the back so there was a big gulf between the lectern/pulpit and the people. I used Kordi’s mike to get down among them and that helped. After the service I enjoyed conversation with some old friends.

After the service, because I was in Frederic and it would not be much out of my way, I swung by the cabin to pick up my phone charger. I’d charged the phone while driving but it helps to have a charger in the office and at home, too. Marina is concerned about my forgetting things like that but I don’t believe I’m “losing it” yet.