busy days

So I was at Taylors Falls on Sunday and, per usual, well received by that generous congregation. Then, home to prepare the message for Tuesday’s devotions service at Good Sam and to unwind a bit and wind up for the coming week. Monday saw a bunch of business tasks in the a.m. and then Good Sam in the afternoon. Monday night had me in Amery for the Northern Lakes Center for the Arts writers group. I read “Shall We Dance?” which will be featured in the coming publication of “Soundings” magazine.

Today was Good Sam in the morning, followed by a lunch meeting of our town home association and all the decisions associated with that. Then, back to Good Sam for a meeting, then picking up food for the animals, then a visit with the family of a dying former parishioner and then home to do some catching up before a 6 p.m. meeting of the Osceola Village Board on behalf of the Osceola Seniors Club, of which I’m now president. Busy day! Tomorrow I get a break, Thursday sees some dementia training at Good Sam, after which I’ll try for a break at our cabin, and Saturday is two possible graduation parties and my reading Shakespear’s sonnets at the Northern Lakes Center for the Arts. I’m supposed to be retired?

Truth is, I’ve not written on a story idea in weeks and I’m starting to try to focus on past incidents for inspiration for the next story. What I have now is enough for book #5 on Kindle. Books #4 and #5 will combine to be the next paperback, “The Second Gathering of The Break Time Stories”.