the stuff of life

After being the only administrator-type working on Memorial Day, today I worked at Good Samaritan St.Croix Valley in the morning and did the usual Devotions service, as well as lots of visiting with our permanent residents and with those ┬áin our care for rehabilitation. We lost one of our long-term people yesterday in the early hours and one of our “temps” made the difficult decision to become a permanent resident. Working at Good Sam is a rewarding ministry for me. We need to pray for Kelly, a 17 year old near-daughter of one of my Good Sam colleagues. Kelly was in an auto accident two nights ago and suffered serious brain damage, enough that pulling the plug is being considered.

Our weather has been unseasonably hot and humid, so some of the outside work I’d planned just didn’t get done. Thunderstorms don’t make for good widow washing! Tomorrow I record two more stories for future broadcast on WPCA-FM and then we’ll head for the cabin where I have a dock waiting to be put in for the season. I do that myself, rolling in 65+feet of dock and a platform. We plan to look at some pontoon boats, too, in the hopes that we can have something in the water to use this season. Next Sunday is Holy Communion at Wolf Creek United Methodist Church. We will meet afterwards to try to determine what 1/4 time really means for them and for me. I might find it difficult to stick to 1/4 time; I’m used to being at the hospital at 2 a.m. when needed and I was able to do a lot of in-home visiting when I was an active pastor.

Jack Starr is coming to pastor Osceola UMC. I think Jack is one of the best pastors in our Conference and I’m looking forward to having him as a neighbor.