The Next Chapter

I met with the leadership team of the Wolf Creek United Methodist Church and with our District Superintendent on Monday night. Surprised I’m to be their next pastor? You bet! (I’d asked if I should show up with a bag over my head.) Rev.Dr. Kate C. Jones hosted (SPPRC person) Melissa Swenson, Marina and me for dinner beforehand at The Pizzeria. Anyhow, the introduction/revelation was warmly received. Our task now is to create a vision for our future and then the steps necessary to get there, trusting that God will pave the way. We begin officially July 1st.

Meanwhile, on May 16th I’ll be recording a story or two for future broadcast by WPCA-FM, the community radio station out of Amery. WPCA streams online, so listeners can catch whatever I’ll be reading (have not decided yet).

Also last Monday I had a biopsy done of a spot on my left ear and Fairview has scheduled a follow-up to do whatever they intend to do about it.

Tonight is a meeting of our town home people. I think I told you that the accounting/financial/operations stuff has been dumped on me in a box. I can do the tasks involved but I want the feeling that we’re all in this together, as well as a backup person who can sign checks also on our account and who can take a look at the account every so often to see that I’m not embezzling.