Reading at St.Croix Festival Theatre

So it went well! Festival’s Jason Richards and Peter Weber made things easy for us, LaMoine and I sold books, we had about 3/4 of a house full, my voice held up, people enjoyed themselves, there were laughs in the right places, and it was a warm and friendly atmosphere overall. If invited, I’d do it again next year. There are enough stories written or in the mill that I could do it without duplicating anything. (In fact, the next “mangled” fairy tale is titled “Sinner Ella”.) We didn’t raise a ton of money for Festival but it’s more than they had before last night, and every bit in small theatre makes a difference.

I appreciate the opportunity to do this for Festival and my thanks go to the theatre’sĀ Board of Directors for seizing the opportunity.

The Balsam Lake Public Library wants me to read in the future, most likely in the Fall. Stay tuned for a date and time.