Brisk but warm

This morning I preached at Taylors Falls United Methodist Church. We were graced by Dave Johnson, from the Gideons. They do fine work for the Lord out in the world by distributing Bibles in huge quantities. Dave is an annual visitor to the church and always gives a serenade with his guitar; the congregation loves him.

I gave my own guitar contribution by leading “Lord, You Have Come To The Lakeshore”, a hymn in the Hymnal written by Cesario Gabarain, a Spanish priest and composer of more than 500 hymns. The song was unfamiliar to Taylors Falls and it went over well. Two other hymns dealt with the theme for the day, which was “Come and see”, a way to witness effectively about the Lord to others, taken from Chapter One of John’s Gospel, verses 43-51.

Last night I was part of reading some of Judy Iverson’s works published in “Soundings”. Judy was a member of the writers’ group at the Northern Lakes Center for the Arts and we did the readings there. Julie Smith and LaMoine and Mary Ellen MacLaughlin also read.

I am looking forward to reading my stories next Saturday evening as a fund raiser for St.Croix Festival Theatre. Their publicity machine is working now and we may even get some sort of an audience.