Service today at Taylors Falls United Methodist Church

Today is the Second Sunday of Advent and it felt like it this morning at Taylors Falls United Methodist Church. I preached on 2 Peter, Chapter 3, which deals with being ready for the Second Coming. Peter tells us it will come in the fulness of time, a phrase he does not use in this passage but one that I love. Whenever Jesus returns, we’d best be ready and, as Peter says, “at peace”. To me, that means to be at peace with oneself and if we can achieve that, we are likely to be at peace with others; we will have an aura of peace surrounding us. Sounds good to me!


I expect preach in Taylors Falls again in January, 2018. Meanwhile, no publicity visible yet for my story reading for Festival Theatre on January 20th. It sounded as if they were doing up a brochure for the event; if so, I’d love to see it. The event is a fundraiser for Festival and I’m hoping it will draw a good audience and raise a bundle for Festival!