A Great Event!

Yesterday I was able to be present for the baptism of Caleb Yeonjun Kim, the infant son of the Korean pastors at the Upper St.Croix Parish. Rev. Tim Berlew did the baptism and Holy Communion services. He’s from Wauwatosa United Methodist and has an easy, graceful manner that went over well. Pastor Kookho has a “fun” sense of humor, which  I think serves him well in congregations that have to pay attention because of his accented English. The place was full and it was great to experience that again in the space that I’d been accustomed to seeing full when I pastored in St.Croix Falls. The occasion’s four-congregation choir sounded good, too. There was lunch downstairs, with one dish featuring Korean noodles in a light sauce. I had the opportunity to greet many people and many faces of people whose names I have yet to learn but whom I’ve seen during the time I guest pastored in those four congregations. And I even sold a book! Overall, I’m glad I could be present for this fine event. The timing was right; I’m booked to guest preach the next couple of Sundays.