End of this run

Today marked the end of weekly guest preaching for the Upper St.Croix Parish, which consists of the United Methodist Churches in Grantsburg, Atlas, Wolf Creek and St.Croix Falls. As many of you know, I pastored Wolf Creek and St.Croix Falls for 11 years. It has been good to return and to be so well received. I believe the Lord has helped me with the messages; now, I need only to prepare something each week for the Tuesday Devotional message at Good Samaritan Care Center-St.Croix Valley, where I serve as one of the chaplains.

Today saw more people at Wolf Creek and at St.Croix Falls than on the previous Sundays I’ve been there. There were enough people today that St.Croix Falls didn’t feel quite so forlorn.

I expect to be called for guest preaching at Taylors Falls United Methodist Church during August and September.