Socked it to the old folks!

Today I read “Little Red Hoodie” to the Osceola Seniors and I have to say it was fun to hear people laughing in all the right places and even in some places I wasn’t sure would ever get even a chuckle. Sharp bunch of people, those! (Full disclosure: Marina and I are members of the Osceola Seniors.) This group snagged a large grant to help bring about Osceola’s new Village Library, Village offices, Discovery Center and a place for senior citizens. I sold some books, too, which warms the cockles of my checkbook and in a month when both our Village utilities AND the property taxes are due, that helps. Now, on to reading “Hansel and Gertie” this Saturday night at the Northern Lakes Center for the Arts in Amery. I read that story to the writing group earlier this week and for that story, too, laughter and chuckles in the right places were gratifying to hear.