Reading to the Retired Teachers

On Thursday in Luck, WI I had the opportunity to read “I’ll Cook For You” to the Wisconsin Retired Educators Association Northwest Wisconsin chapter. I had a delightful time and a strong positive response to the story. I sold several books–thanks buyers! Teachers are used to grading the work of students and retirement doesn’t change that, so to have a strongly positive reaction from this group tells me that story (at least) is very good. One never knows how good a story really is until it’s out there to be evaluated. With my 40 years plus of article writing, an editor always gave a “thumbs up” to what I submitted and sometimes–but not often– we negotiated changes. I want reader/listener feedback on my stories because I self-edit my fiction and what I think works might not work for everyone else.


Thank you, WREA members for a fun time and a thank-you to the women of Bone Lake Lutheran Church who provided all of us a delicious lunch!