Ha Ha!

Finally, my computer is back and doing well! I fell for a con and knew better than to do that, but the warning came up and I couldn’t get it off my browser. So, as directed, I called Apple, which–of course–was not Apple at all. And I got so far into the mess that I ended up giving them not just my credit information, but three iTune cards. They were able to cash one of them; the other two were invalid, which is but a small consolation. I still don’t know quite how people can cash in those iTune cards and not leave a trace. Anyhow, Apple’s legal people have all the information I had and the Easy IT Guys in St.Croix Falls did a fine job with restoring my computer. ┬áThat means that in the next few days I can proceed with transforming the three online Kindle short story books to a single print book.


I’ve begun the next short story called “Eye Of The Beholder”. All I’ll disclose at this point is that Osceola’s Police Chief Ron Pedrys has been very helpful. And in the next weeks I think I’ll need to take some painting instruction from some of the good artists I know.